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Your Guide to the Best Mobile Games Download

Mobile gaming and mobile games have been seeing a constant rise. "There is a saying that goes like this, "All Work and No Play Make Jack a Dull Boy." This meaningful saying is exceptionally true in today's culture and famous society. Casual players treat playing games on mobile devices as quality time off from busy work. Some also consider mobile game playing an immediate escape from the worries and rigors of daily life. However, for gaming fanatics and enthusiasts, it is more than just a pastime or a hobby; it's a lifestyle.

This article will discuss the whole thing you must know about mobile games download. From the different mobile games for download and mobile games on Android and iOS to how to download mobile games, we got you covered. Let this be your best guide on the dynamic and wonderful world of mobile games to download.

First and foremost, what precisely are mobile games, and how do you define them? Let's check this out!

Mobile games, in its general sense, are types of games accessed or played on mobile devices or smartphones. These games are designed and made to run on a handheld device. This is the part where it gets attractive and appealing. A mobile phone or smartphone can be a portable device that allows users to input. The mobile device ranges from smartphones, tablets, feature phones, smartwatches, and personal digital assistants. Pocket PCs, graphing calculators, and even portable media players are also integrated into the category. With many different forms of mobile devices, any game played on them can be regarded as mobile. Even handheld video game consoles and laptops can contend as well. But one real ruler of mobile game platforms today is the smartphone or mobile phone.

 What Are The Types of Mobile Games to Download?

You spend a couple of hours scrolling your mobile device every day. In some instances, it's either you are browsing social media, the internet, or playing games on a mobile device. If you drill down to the statistic of the number of times you spend monthly playing games on mobile, you would not have thought that it equates to an enormous one billion hours. Though nowadays come in all classifications and types, the time spent playing mobile games download stays relatively consistent. However, what is the kinds of mobile games to download?

Before diving into the mobile games for download, let's be clear that these genres of games are distinctive in terms of designs, gameplay, and graphics and cater to different players or audiences. It doesn't matter if you are into challenging action games or brain-training mobile games; you will get it. Therefore, if you are in chase of the best mobile games for download, here is everything you want.

Action Games

These are the most downloaded phone games and the most addicting games too. Many action games are available for download on the mobile phone. They concentrate on physical challenges, which need hand-eye coordination as well as reaction time. Gamers control a character that should navigate levels. They collect items, avoid obstacles and fight enemies using tools and weapons. It is also important to defeat a more challenging leader enemy at the end of every level. Enemy attacks deplete the lives and health of the character, which can lead to a game over once they run out.

PUBG Games

Looking to download mobile games? PUBG games are highly advisable. PUBG, or Player Unknowns Battlegrounds, is the most common and popular multiplayer batter royale game available for mobile at this point. It has simple and easy-to-follow gameplay. Players need to join in a death match where up to 100 gamers battle in warfare. The last player standing will win. Gamers can decide to join the game solo or duo, or even in a small group. All gamers will begin without gear and need to look for weapons on buildings in the battleground. The gameplay is relatively the same as Fortnite Battle Royale; however, it does not have Minecraft-like building tools. Some of the most popular PUBG games available for mobile phones are H1Z1, Ring of Elysium, and Rules of Survival.

Games like this need to be played online. That is why a good internet connection is important. Also, the specs of your mobile phone are the main consideration. If you use an android device, it is highly recommended to use Android 5.1 with 2GB of RAM. If you use iOS, this must run flawlessly in iOS 9 and above.

First-Person Shooter Games

This is considered the most intense mobile game to download out there. In order to win, the game requires hands, eyes, and mental coordination. The main objective of this type of mobile game is to get as many kills as you can. The key is savageness.

In this type of game, gamers need a first-person point of view when shooting. So, it means that you are able to see the game action as if you are the one in the game. First Person Shooter games normally happen in three-dimensional, providing players with a realistic view of the battlefield. In this type of game, you will need to combat many enemies while trying to save yourself from death. Your life's character depends on your familiarity with the weapon. Popular FPS mobile games to download are Modern Combat, COD Infinity Cops, and Into the Dead.

Third-Person Shooters Games

Aside from the first-person shooter game, there are also third-person shooter games. These two categories of games are extremely similar as both are a subgenre of shooter games. However, there is also some disparity between the two. The most prominent one is that TPS happens in a two-dimensional setting. In simple words, gamers can see from behind the characters. This type of game provides a clearer view of the character's surroundings.

Also, players must pick an avatar and weapons prior to going into a fight. Many third-person shooter game titles combine FPS elements and brawlers where they need to combat enemies with hand-to-hand combat. Like first-person shooter games, third-person games aim to slay as many enemies as possible and win the battle.

Renowned games that fall under third-person shooter games are Tomb Raider, Hitman, and Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

Fighting Games

A subgenre of action games, fighting games are also available to download on mobile phones. This game involves close fights between many players. Usually, the game happens in an arena or any setting with boundaries, where gamers must combat until they get their enemies or the time ends.

Every character in the fighting games has exceptional capabilities as well as special moves. They are able to unlock this via a series of movements such as sliding, jumping, and kicking as well as a duckling. Gamers also need to master techniques such as counter-attacks, blocking an attack as well as combo moves. Usually, fighting games have many rounds with particular time frames. Players who win most rounds declare the winners.

Mobile games to download under this category take into account Street Fighter, Tekken, as well as Super Smash Bros.


These are the earliest mobile games for download ever made. Like action games, a gamer assumes a protagonist's character. This category of the game revolves around an interactive story. Players often explore as well as solve puzzles by interacting with the environment and the people as well. It is arguably one of the most downloaded mobile games ever made.

Role Playing

Role-playing mobile games download enable gamers to take up the role of a character with particular skills. These types of games are set in faraway places and imaginary worlds. Players also make choices and actions as they move in the plot. Diverse characters, heavy storylines, and extended gameplay are this mobile game's staple elements.


An incredibly diverse category, these mobile games download are intended to reflex actual world activities. Also, they can be set in fictional realities. This game mimics real life activities. Gamers can freely control environments and characters too. Apart from the major purpose of entertainment, this kind of game is also utilized for analysis and training.

Strategy Games

If you are searching for mobile games to download that help improve focus, concentration, and decision-making, strategy games are the best choice. This kind of game needs skillful thinking as well as careful planning to obtain victory. Usually, they involve taking turns in a battle arena or some other battlefield. Its two main sub-forms are turn-based as well as real-time. Logic, focus, as well as instinct are also needed skills to conquer the challenges of the games.

Sports Games

This genre of game emulates the practice as well as the playing of conventional sports. Many games highlight actual play, while some concentrate on sports management and strategy. When it comes to gameplay, the opposing team can be controlled by AI or artificial intelligence, or another player.

Multiplayer Mobile Games

Pass by corners of malls and hangouts now. It is likely that you will see many people huddled together. Their attention focused on their mobile devices while tapping away to win over a multiplayer game. This kind of game is not based on interaction and gameplay characteristics. It is a game in which more players can play in one setting at the same time. A lot of multiplayer games nowadays need online play over the internet. They can also either vie against each other or work cooperatively.

Best Free Mobile Games to Download A Key to Entertainment

Mobile games are the most popular types of gaming, and free mobile games to download are doing their part to increase their popularity. The objective of mobile devices is no longer just texting or making calls. It's quite a common sight to see someone glued to his mobile device, oblivious of all that's going around. Typically, chances are that the person is playing a mobile game.

Gaming is a massive industry that is growing at a fast pace. Many years ago, experts predicted that people would pay huge amounts of money to play games on their devices. They have been proved right. Such games are addictive, and often, a player hooked to mobile games just can't get enough of them. Such players are always on guard for free mobile games. Mobile games download instantly become outdated as new and better games are released ever so often. Some of the mobile games that have become outdated are Poker, Solitaire, Juiced, and many others.

The fierce competition between the different mobile phone companies and service providers is one factor that has increased the popularity of free mobile games to download. They provide free games to download as an incentive. These games are either freely downloadable online or get activated on simulation. Frequently they are inherent or built-in parts of the handset.

However, today there are many free mobile games to download available on different websites. You can download and install the games quickly and play them right away. There is no need for you to sign up or subscribe. Just click the game, download, install and play.

Free Mobile Games to Download Online

There are many free mobile games to download over the net. Some of the best- and most well-known mobile games are as follows:

Snake Games: This was the earliest game played on a mobile device. However, with time, technology took a great lap, and invention over invention is being made, resulting in the picture of the form of the high-tech end of mobile games. If you are craving to play a number of other games that aren't possessed by your smartphone, then you can download games to your mobile devices through the Internet with ease for your requirements.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang or MLBB: One of the best free mobile games to download is Mobile Legends Bang Bang or MLBB. This is a very popular free mobile game in the genre of MOBA gameplay. You can battle against real players online. Like other online games such as League of Legends and Lords Mobile, you have to select from a massive array of heroes to create a perfect team. This supports ten-minute fights with almost instant matchmaking.

With these free mobile games, you get the fun from team fighting, jungling, pushing as well as laning, as seen in computer action games. Mobile Legends Bang Bang takes players on an action-packed adventure in the comfort of their hands. The goal here is to outplay and strike enemies to obtain victory with the team.

MLBB is a free-to-download and plays android game under the category of MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games. It comes with an array of features, a different cast of heroes, fast matchmaking as well as fast-paced action sequences. Combining all the features, these make sure fast and fun gameplay sessions. This is considered one of the best free mobile games to download today. If you are asking how to download mobile games like this, all you need to do is to visit the Google Play Store, click the download button, install, and that's it. You can play the game on your mobile device anywhere you are.

CarX Street:  This is also one of the most popular free mobile games to download today. This is a free racing mobile game made by CarX Technologies. In this game, gamers will be diving into the underground street racing world. It comes with a big open world that they can experience and explore, from mountain trails to highways and even coastal streets or roads.

Like Asphalt 9 Legends or Forza Street, the CarX Street game boasts a wide choice of cars based on true-to-life car models today. Gamers can customize and tune their rides in many ways to get the best performance out of them.

This is the most popular racing game for mobile devices at this point. It has put out titles with different themes like off-road rallies, professional circuit racing as well as drifting. With this mobile game, the franchise is delving into the underground racing scene world. It is a racing sim in which you can roam and join in different racing events as you like.

This free mobile game to download focuses on open-world exploration all through the big fictional city in which you are able to visit different locations. It has a robust tuning system, which enables you to tweak the ride to its full potential, as well as test drive it with true-to-life car physics with the assistance of CarX technology. Join in races to create a name and earn cash for parts and car upgrades. This is one of the best mobile games downloaded so far.

PUBG: If you love or enjoy playing thrilling games, then PUBG is the best choice. Being one of the best free mobile games to download at this point, this one is based on its renowned computer version, Player Unknowns Battlegrounds. This mobile game matches many players, sometimes up to 100, to fight each other in an attempt to the champion.

PUBG has different modes like payload as well as 4x4 deathmatch. This has remarkable graphics for your mobile game.

PUBG is one of the amazing free mobile games to download, which embraces the competitive nature of the players in its entire player vs. player game modes. This can be played solo or teamed up with friends as you fight to win.

Other Free Mobile Games to Download

Gaming has turned out to be a remarkable combination of fun and skills to boost brain power. Aside from the best free games to download mentioned above, there are also a wide array of free mobile games download available for the players. The option lies totally in the lap of gamers.

Starting from chess, arcades, scrabble, and puzzles to board games, each type of game are available to fulfill the requirement and needs of a player. How to download mobile games is fast and easy and can be done in straightforward ways. First and foremost, a GPRS active device will purposely meet your needs. Internet access on your mobile device will allow you fast, and quick mobile games download. For those mobile devices that don't have an internet facility, mobile games are first downloaded to a computer from the internet and then transferred to mobile devices using USB cables. There are many websites out there that offer free mobile games for download.

Playing free mobile games brings a sense of happiness to players who like to spend their free time playing thrilling games online. What is more, they aren't burdened with the amount, as they don't oblige to play anything. Therefore, have fun with the thrilling games on your mobile devices.

Free mobile games for download are in great demand among those who love and enjoy online gaming. They are a free and engaging way to spend your leisure time.

Kind of Mobile Phones Ideal for Mobile Games Download

When it comes to mobile games to download, the best and most important thing to consider is the type of phone you are using. If you like to play the most popular and trending mobile games, you would need to get your hands first on a superb and good gaming device. It is the lone way to take pleasure in playing mobile games. Mobile games download is becoming more advanced in gameplay and quality. For this reason, mobile phone firms answer the demand by boosting the specifications of their mobile devices.

To successfully download mobile games, you must have the following:

  • A fast CPU or central processing unit
  • Dedicated GPU or graphics processing unit
  • Big RAM or Random Access Memory and storage
  • Long battery life
  • High-resolution and big-sized display screen

The specs mention above are not a one size fits all solution. Players, serious or casual, have their individual priorities with regard to gameplay. Yes, you can get lost in picking what mobile device to purchase easily to meet your gaming requirements.

How to Download Mobile Games Easy Steps to Follow 

Mobile devices benefited from the latest development of new technology associated with gaming. Recently, iPhone and Android devices changed to mobile with their app platforms. For users who want to play mobile games while on the go, let us take a look at how to download a game on mobile. 

Mobile Games Download on Android Devices 

You can download games on mobile for free from Google Play on Android. It is highly recommended to acquire games from Google Play; however, you can also download mobile games on Android from other websites or sources. 

Your mobile device comes with a security setting that checks for potentially risky and dangerous games, warns you, and eliminates them if needed. 

Here are the steps to download games on mobile from the Google Play store. 

  • Open your Google Play Store app by choosing its icon on the app drawer or home screen. 
  • Choose the apps from the navigation keys at the lower portion of your screen. 
  • Choose the categories button located at the top of your Apps screen. Scroll in the list of types or categories and choose the preferred category of apps. 
  • A distinguished list of games is shown based on the chosen genre or type. Look for the mobile game you like downloading on your Android device and click the name or icon. 

Tip: You can also look for a mobile game by clicking the magnifying glass icon at the top of your page. Key in the name of the mobile game and then click search.

  • On the game page or app page, click the install button. That’s it. This is how easy to download mobile games on android.

Mobile Games Download on iOS Device

Here is the step on how to download games on iOS devices:

From your iOS device, log into the App Store. This specialized Apple Store subsidiary offers a searchable database of all the remarkable games you can download onto your mobile phone.

The interface provides a separate mobile games category. You can sort them by top paid or top free and list them by name. User reviews and ratings are available.

Users’ reviews are vital as the comments of users can assist you in determining whether or not to download a specific game. Also, the rating is essential; however, the reviews may provide some insight into the particular features of the mobile game which people dislike and prefer.

  • Making A Selection

From the App Store interface, it’s so simple to download a game. Each game features a download button which you can press to begin the process. 

An iTunes account is vital to download a game. However, there are also some superb free mobile games to download on Apple Store. 

Mobile Games Download: The Benefits of Playing Online

Playing games on your mobile offers many perks, such as:

Fast Access: Mobile games download can be done in a few minutes with just one press of a button, and you can be up and playing a new mobile game. It is also easy to uninstall. Looking at and playing mobile games has never been simpler than with a smartphone.

As mentioned, you can download phone games fast. You can play it anywhere and anytime you want in just a few seconds. Long rides on public transport or waiting for your appointment, you’ll never experience boredom again.

  • Variety

Smartphone gaming opened up the market for many independent developers to present their exceptional and unusual gaming ideas. The array of free mobile games to download is unmatched, and there is something for each type of taste and preference. The massive amount of creative ideas with mobile phone gaming is the biggest perk of this format.

  • Connection

Our lives have become constricted recently; people are increasingly opting for online communities as a primary source of connection. Today, a lot of mobile games come with interactive options. Many are basic, like challenging friends and other anonymous players to a trivia or puzzle game.

Other mobile games download has full multiplayer capabilities with a chat feature that enables players from all over the world to collaborate and create a community in the game.

  • Well-being

It is not advisable to stay for many hours, but today playing games on smartphones has many proven perks for our well-being. Mobile games download, like puzzle games, can sharpen your memory and brain, particularly for mature individuals. Also, there is proof that they can boost manual dexterity as well as spatial awareness.

With it comes to mental well-being, playing for many hours can assist in reducing nervousness and encouraging a calm mood – even if this can depend on the type of mobile games you are playing.

  • Convenience

You can play mobile games wherever you go. If you’re playing offline, all you have to do is to download the mobile game once, install and play. The games are saved on the hard drive. You can play it anytime you want to because it is very convenient.

  • Learning

Some mobile games to download are intended to be educational, helping gamers adapt to new knowledge and skills. Even some mobile games that weren’t made particularly for this purpose can assist with learning essential life skills such as collaboration, problem solving, and creative solutions.

Research shows that if kids play this type of game involving task completion and objectives, it also enhances their level of focus. This is in direct contrast with the conception that mobile games are accountable for a decrease in attention spans. 


Regardless of which type of mobile games you want, many titles have been made to appeal to a massive range of tastes. While home gaming will always be a mainstay, on-the-go gaming has some remarkable perks too. Imagine how much faster time would pass on public transportation if you had a compelling mobile game on your device. With this guide on how to download game on mobile, you are able to get started playing the mobile game anywhere and anytime you want.