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TemTem Mobile – How to Download TemTem APK on Android and iOS !

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NameTemTem Apk
Total downloads98,76k
Developed byCrema
Updated on07.09.2022
Package namenet.slh.gth.gop

TemTem Mobile

Do you love and enjoy playing games on your mobile device during your free time? Or are you looking for a new mobile game that will help you stay occupied and, at the same time, eliminate the stress you are experiencing from work? If so, TemTem android is a perfect choice. This is one of the best and most played games on PC, and it can now be played on Android and iOS devices. Keep on reading to know more about TemTem Apk.

TemTem Mobile Game Overview

TemTem mobile is an extraordinarily multiplayer creature collection adventure game. Seek thrilling and exciting activity in the stunning Airborne Archipelago next to your TemTem squad. Catch each TemTem fight other tamers, personalize house, explore the lively online world, and join a friend’s adventure.

Each of us dreams about becoming a TemTem tamer, discovering Airborne Archipelago’s six islands, exploring new species, and making good friends with others along the way. Now it is your turn to go aboard on a grand and heroic adventure and make your dream come true.

TemTem APK Full Setup 

TemTem mobile download

See the new TemTem on Omninesia, a floating island, and fight other tamers on the sandy beach of Deniz, or you can also trade with friends in the ash-covered fields of Tucma. Conquer the super-annoying Clan Belsoto and end its plot to take the custody of the Archipelago, defeat eight Dojo leaders, and be the ultimate and best TemTem tamer left. 

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Omninesia are floating islands where humans and TemTem coexist calmly and serenely. Each floating island is an entirely different world. On the other hand, there’s something all of us have in common, our affection for TemTem and TemTem fights. Intrepid and heroic tamers like you go aboard an aircraft to the furthest reaches of the Airborne Archipelago to look for the most excellent TemTem. Each young TemTem tamers are dreaming of becoming the most excellent one. 

TemTem android

Story Plot/Campaign

Travel to six colorful islands and go aboard on the thrill of becoming the best TemTem tamer while combating the wickedness of Clan Belsoto. 

World Online

The days of going aboard by yourself are over; in this game, the whole world is a hugely multiplayer one. Tamers from all corners of the globe can join, and you can see them all over the place, living the adventure with you as well as combating to be the best and most reliable TemTem tamer. 

Co-Op Adventure

You can join forces or team up with your friend anytime and work as one toward your next objective. Catch a new TemTem and finish a route or fight against a leader, all while combating along with your friend in dual fights. 


Purchase your own dwelling at Atoll Row and accentuate it the way you want. You can purchase new furnishing, color, or paint walls, and you will be ready to invite a friend to go over. 


Customize the character to set it apart from the rest and acquire a new aesthetic while you fight other tamers. Choose a silly hat, a comfortable sweatshirt, and pants, and that’s it; you are now ready to go. Or perhaps you choose to use a full-on display of the most preferred and much-loved TemTem. 


Start by picking eight TemTem, and the pick and ban stage will start. Take turns with the opponent to choose your TemTem and ban theirs. If all the choices are made, and the turns are completed, you will end up with a five TemTem squad, and the fight will start. 

TemTem apk

What are the Features of TemTem Android /iOS? 

TemTem android features a totally fleshed-out story plot. Journey in six colorful floating islands as well as embark on the thrill of becoming the best TemTem tamer while combating the wickedness of Clan Belsoto. 

The full TemTem android game features a comprehensive storyline with a remarkable list of features being added over time. Some of the features provided by this android game are as follows: 

  • More than 162 TemTem
  • Six exceptional floating islands and one small island with end-game activities
  • Auction and trading house
  • Ranked matchmaking
  • Housing
  • Clubs( take on clans, which include Dojo battled on a weekly basis)
  • Arcade bar
  • Steam card and achievements
  • In-game tournaments
  • Three mythical TemTem
  • Nuzlocke game mode

TemTem APK Game Download

TemTem APK game download is fast and easy. You can download this game for free at theapkplace.com, and it is also easy to set up. It only takes about a few minutes, provided that you follow the guide very carefully.

How to Download TemTem APK in five simple steps:

  1. Visit theapkplace.com and then click the link to the game for a complete installation.
  2. Download installer setup (support resumable download)
  3. Click to open the TemTem installer and then hit the next button, and pick the preferred directory where to set up the game.
  4. Allow it to download TemTem APK in the chosen directory of your mobile phone.
  5. When done, run the TemTem, and you can now play the full version of this game on your mobile phone.
TemTem apk download

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Why Play TemTem on Mobile Phone?

There are many perks of playing games on a mobile phone. Gone are the days of plugging all the wires prior to starting playing the game. On a mobile phone, just open the game, and that’s it; you can now play it anytime and anywhere you want. Some benefits of playing TemTem on a mobile phone are: 

Mobility: This is one of the most important benefits of playing TemTem on a mobile phone. Playing games on a smartphone allows a player the ability to move freely as well as easily. You can play games on your mobile while doing a household chore. This allows you to easily pause or stop the game when needed.

Easy Control: You can control the game easily on a mobile phone, not like on a PC, in which you need to totally press the arrow key in order to move the character. There is also an instance of key sticking, which makes playing games annoying. All these are eliminated if you play games on a mobile phone.

No Power Interaction: On a mobile device, you can play the games even if there is a power interruption. Just make sure you have a power bank available just in case you run out of battery and still there is no power.


TemTem Android is now available. You can download it for free, and installation is fast. Make sure to look for a reliable website to download this game.  

TemTem android download

How to download and install TemTem Mobile on your device?

  1. Enter TheAPKplace.com to download and install TemTem APK.
  2. Then connect your system to the maker if you access your computer program.
  3. Transfer your phone/ tablet computer to the TemTem Android layout.
  4. Open up the tab. A pop-up box says: „Your phone’s set to avoid unauthorized sources from downloading and install applications for security” Faucet on the Settings switch.
  5. Enable TemTem APK to be mounted.
  6. The deployment needs an issue of minutes.
  7. On your display, you’ll see the TemTem Android switch.
  8. Release the app. Upon uploading, you can access OBB and also files and start the app.

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