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Download Alaskan Road Truckers Mobile APK

Alaska, known for its breathtaking landscapes and challenging weather conditions, has always been a place of mystery and adventure. Now, thanks to Road Studio’s upcoming release, “Alaskan Road Truckers,” gamers can experience the thrill of the Last Frontier like never before. This simulation and adventure game combines the excitement of truck driving with the challenge of surviving in the harsh Alaskan wilderness. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey filled with breathtaking landscapes, complex mechanics, and incredible challenges. Are you up to the challenge?

Game Overview

Name: Alaskan Road Truckers Mobile
Developer: Road Studio
Platforms: PC / PS5 / Xbox Series X | S
Genre: Simulation, Driving, Adventure, Survival
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Release Date: Q3 2023

Alaskan Road Truckers Mobile – Player’s Guide

 Alaskan Road Truckers Mobile

Welcome to the world of “Alaskan Road Truckers APK.” In this game, you’ll step into the shoes of an Alaskan trucker who must navigate one of the harshest and most dangerous environments on the planet. Your journey will be filled with tasks, cargo deliveries, and survival challenges. But, it’s not just about being behind the wheel; you can also explore the Alaskan wilderness on foot.

Living in Alaska

  • Taking a Job: Your adventure begins with selecting your first job. Interact with the NPC to choose your assignment, and the in-game navigation system will set your destination. From there, follow the tutorial to find your truck, hook up your trailer, and hit the road.
  • Cooking: In “Alaskan Road Truckers MOBILE,” you’ll need to manage your character’s hunger. When you get hungry, a notification on your UI will remind you to eat. You can choose from a variety of meals, from pre-packed snacks to more elaborate dishes prepared on a stove. Keep an eye on your food supplies to ensure you don’t go hungry.
  • Staying Warm: Alaska’s cold climate can be unforgiving. Inside your cab, you’ll find a heater to keep you warm. Spending too much time outside in the cold can negatively impact your character’s health. Follow the tutorial to learn how to use the heater to stay warm and healthy.
  • Buying Goods: Along your journey, you can resupply with food, meals, and tools at various locations such as shops and gas stations. The game world is vibrant and offers numerous places to explore and items to purchase.
  • Sleeping: After being awake for a while, your character will need rest. You can choose to stay in motels or rest in your truck’s bed. Be aware of your energy levels, as fatigue can affect your performance. Make sure to stock up on food to maintain your energy.
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 Alaskan Road Truckers apk

Maintaining Your Truck

  • Collecting Tools: You’ll find basic tools available in your truck’s storage. For more specialized tools, you’ll need to buy them from shops or gas stations.
  • Fueling Your Vehicle: As you travel, keep an eye on your fuel level. The game will notify you when it’s running low, and you’ll need to locate the nearest gas station to refuel.
  • Fixing Your Truck: During your assignments, you might encounter engine issues that require your attention. Follow the tutorial to learn how to fill up engine oil or refill the coolant. The game will guide you through these repair tasks.
  • Interacting with Your Truck: The tutorial will teach you how to start the truck, release the handbrake, and experiment with various features on your truck’s dashboard, such as windscreen wipers and lights.
  • Hooking Up a Trailer: After accepting your first assignment, you’ll learn how to hook up a trailer, including securing it, raising the dolly legs, and attaching cables. Use the camera angles to assist with alignment.
  • Repairing Your Truck: If your truck sustains damage during your journey, you can exit the vehicle, open the hood, and repair it. In this pre-beta build, if the damage is irreparable, you may need to restart the mission or call for road assistance.

Alaskan Road Truckers – Further Development

 Alaskan Road Truckers download

While “Alaskan Road Truckers Mobile” is already playable, the game is continuously evolving. The development team is actively working on enhancing the gaming experience and addressing various features and mechanics. Here’s what to expect in future updates:

  • Snow and Ice: Snow deformers, shaders, and ice systems are in development. These will be crucial for the upcoming ice road missions, which will require a special license to complete. These missions are currently under development and are not included in the current game build.
  • Random In-Game Events: To keep the game world dynamic and exciting, a system of random in-game events, such as fallen trees, avalanches, and rockslides, is being developed. Some events will have specific spawn conditions, like avalanches occurring only in winter.
  • Lighting Bugs: The development team is aware of lighting issues, including frequent shadow updates. Lighting is still under development, and minor visual problems in the current build will be addressed. Settings options and optimizations are being worked on for the final release.
  • Perks and Skill System: The game will feature a skill tree with perks, player attributes, and special job requirements. Some placeholder art exists in the skill tree, and special licenses will be needed for specific assignments.
  • More Assignments and Destinations: The final version of the game will introduce a wide range of assignments and destinations, including major Alaskan cities and various Points of Interest. Prepare to transport a variety of cargo, from tanks to houses and heavy machinery.
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“Alaskan Road Truckers APK” promises an unforgettable gaming experience that blends the excitement of truck driving with the challenges of surviving in the Alaskan wilderness. With breathtaking landscapes, complex mechanics, and a variety of tasks and assignments, this game is set to be a must-play for fans of simulation, driving, adventure, and survival genres. Get ready to embrace the wildness of Alaska and prove that you’re up for the challenge when it hits the gaming scene in Q3 2023.

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