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Super Mario RPG Mobile – Android APK and iOS Download

In Super Mario RPG Mobile , Mario once again sets off to Bowser’s castle to rescue Princess Peach, who he has kidnapped. This time, however, he is not allowed to enjoy his victory – the hero’s moment of triumph is interrupted by the appearance of a giant sword called Exor. The gigantic blade strikes the fortress, sending the heroes to otherworldly lands and shattering the Star Road, resulting in losing its power to grant wishes. It turns out that Exor is a member of a gang of anthropomorphic weapons under the command of a certain Smithy.

Mario decides to assemble a team to find Princess Peach, rebuild the Star Road, and deal with the antagonists. Mallow, Geno, Bowser, and Princess Peach accompany him on his quest.

Super Mario RPG Mobile download

Super Mario RPG APK Mechanics

Super Mario RPG APK is a production with an isometric view focused on exploration and combat. The work from the Nintendo stable allows us to visit locations familiar to enthusiasts of the adventures of the brave plumber, including Mushroom Kingdom, Monstro Town, or Moleville.

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The title draws handfuls on the Big N’s extensive experience in creating platform games, placing numerous stages requiring skill in our hands. Plenty of jumping over lava chasms, climbing giant vines, swimming, and riding dinosaurs. Coin-collecting activities, smashing blocks with your head, and mini-games (including races) also return.

In Super Mario RPG APK Download, the battles are turn-based – during clashes, we use regular attacks and special abilities such as healing or throwing turtle shells at enemies. Initially, only Mario takes part in the battles, but as time passes, more characters are put at our disposal: Mallow, Geno, Bowser, and Princess Peach. Characters are distinguished by their stats (e.g., strength or speed) and unique abilities. For each clash, we designate up to three heroes.

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Super Mario RPG apk download

Super Mario RPG Android – Technical issues

In the remake, we can hear tracks prepared by Yoko Shimomura – a composer known for her work on the music for the Kingdom Hearts series or the games Parasite Eve and Final Fantasy XV. The Japanese artist was also responsible for the sound layer of the original Super Mario RPG Android.

It is worth mentioning that the new version of the production has colorful, three-dimensional graphics and film interludes, presenting the plot in the most critical moments of the game.


Super Mario RPG Mobile is a remake of the 1996 classic game. The production delights both fans of the original and new players.

The remake’s most significant strengths include:

  • modern graphics that retain the feel of the original
  • an elaborate storyline that is not just a pretext for gameplay
  • an exciting combat system that combines platform and RPG elements
  • great music by Yoko Shimomura

The only significant drawback of the production is its relatively short gameplay.

All in all, Super Mario RPG for Mobile is a must-have for any fan of the Mario series and RPGs. The remake offers great fun for many hours.

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