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Gatekeeper Infinity Mobile Download – Android APK and iOS

On November 10th, with Japanese language support, HypeTrain Digital unveiled the highly anticipated Gatekeeper: Infinity Mobile on the PC platform, specifically on Steam. Boasting a “very positive” rating in user reviews since its release, the game has already made a strong impression in the gaming community.

The World of Gatekeeper: Infinity APK

In the distant future, hundreds of thousands of years from now, Gatekeeper: Infinity APK unfolds in a universe where harmony is maintained through three relics known as “hearts,” governing space, time, and matter. Players assume the role of a “gatekeeper,” entrusted to protect the “Heart of Time” and act as the last line of defence against unknown forces threatening its existence.

Taking inspiration from “Vampire Survivors” and “Risk of Rain 2,” the game combines elements from both titles to deliver a unique and engaging experience. The diagonal top-down perspective adds a distinct touch to the roguelite action genre.

Gatekeeper Infinity Mobile download

Gameplay Dynamics:

Gatekeeper: Infinity Mobile introduces online multiplayer capabilities, allowing up to four players to join forces and face the challenges together. Players progress through stages, each with unique conditions for advancement. Each stage’s completion unveils new objectives and challenges, from defeating specific monsters to activating switches.

The game features giant bosses, adding a layer of intensity to the battles distinguishing them from encounters with hordes of monsters. Each gatekeeper controlled by the player comes equipped with four skills and one passive trait, creating a variety of playstyles. From central and sub-attacks to dash and ultimate skills, strategic activation of these skills becomes crucial in the heat of battle.

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Gatekeeper Infinity apk download

Character Progression and Artifacts in Gatekeeper: Infinity Apk

In Gatekeeper: Infinity Apk character enhancement comes in two forms: levelling up through experience defeating enemies and acquiring artefacts. Levelling up provides distributable status points, enabling players to improve fundamental aspects like HP, attack power, movement speed, and attack speed. Skills can also be strengthened as players reach certain levels, offering increased damage, a more comprehensive area of effect, and potential new debuff effects.

Artefacts, obtained by dedicating dropped points called “prisms” to obelisks, grant additional effects such as attacks, recoveries, and debuffs. The rare “Omnistone” allows players to reroll artefacts at obelisks and is crucial for forging (unlocking) artefacts. The strategic use of these artefacts and points contributes to a dynamic and personalized gameplay experience.

Reception and Future Expectations:

With a “Very Positive” status and 89% reviews on Steam, Gatekeeper: Infinity Mobile has quickly gained popularity. Concurrent player numbers have surged to a peak of 3,333 (SteamDB). The game’s free-to-play model and support for cooperative play with friends have likely contributed to its widespread acclaim.

Gatekeeper Infinity download

User reviews highlight the completeness of gameplay, even in its prologue (demo) version, and commend the continuous improvement from the earlier demo release. However, some players have expressed concerns about the limited range of builds and the number of monsters. These critiques suggest areas for potential enhancement in future updates and the final version.

Developed by Gravity Lagoon based in Kazakhstan, the same team behind “Gatekeeper: Eclipse,” the prologue version of “Gatekeeper,” the game has garnered attention for its steady improvements. As the final version approaches, expectations are high for Gatekeeper: Infinity Apk to follow the success of its prologue versions and establish itself as a standout in the roguelite genre.

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