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Lethal Company Mobile – Android APK and iOS

Welcome to our comprehensive exploration of the recent gaming sensation, Lethal Company Mobile. Released on October 23, 2023, this indie co-op horror game has rapidly ascended to one of Steam’s top-selling games, boasting overwhelmingly positive reviews from players​. Let’s dive into what makes Lethal Company APK a must-play for gaming enthusiasts.

What is Lethal Company APK?

Lethal Company APK is a co-op horror game that immerses players in the role of scavengers on abandoned moons. The objective is to collect scrap and sell it to a mysterious entity known simply as ‘The Company.’ Developed and published by Zeekerss, the game combines horror, survival, and exploration elements in a unique sci-fi setting​.

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Lethal Company Mobile Story

In Lethal Company Mobile, you are a contract worker tasked with collecting scrap from desolate, industrialized moons to fulfill the Company’s profit demands. Your earnings allow you to venture to new moons with varying levels of risk and reward and to purchase upgrades for your ship and attire. Exploration and survival are essential, as you scan creatures for your bestiary and navigate the moons’ perilous landscapes. Teamwork is vital; you can either coordinate with your crew from the ship, spotting traps and unlocking doors, or venture out together, using tools from the Company store for assistance. As night falls, dangers escalate, making efficient communication and teamwork essential to ensure everyone’s safety and the successful retrieval of valuables.

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Gameplay Mechanics

  • Genre and Style: Lethal Company Mobile is an action-adventure game emphasizing psychological horror and survival elements. It falls under the genres of action, adventure, and indie and is currently in early access​​.
  • Co-Op Experience: One of the game’s standout features is its online co-op mode, allowing players to team up and tackle the game’s challenges together​​.
  • Atmosphere and Setting: The game is known for its atmospheric and realistic settings, enhanced by procedural generation, which ensures a unique experience in each playthrough​​.

Lethal Company apk download

Why is Lethal Company Popular?

  • Player Reviews: With over 8,936 user reviews and a 97% positive rating, Lethal Company APK has been acclaimed for its engaging gameplay and immersive experience​.
  • Unique Concept: The game’s unique premise of scavenging in space and its co-op horror elements has captivated a broad audience​.
  • Affordability: Priced at $9.99, it offers an accessible entry point for players looking to experience an indie horror adventure​.
Lethal Company download

FAQ Section

  • What platforms is Lethal Company APK available on?
  • Currently, Lethal Company is available on Steam for PC.
  • Does the game support single-player mode?
  • Yes, it offers both single-player and online co-op modes​​.
  • What languages does Lethal Company MOBILE support?
  • The game is available in English with full audio and subtitles​.
  • Is Lethal Company suitable for all age groups?
  • Its horror and psychological elements make it more convenient for mature audiences.


Lethal Company Mobile is a testament to the creativity and innovation in indie game development. Its blend of horror, survival, cooperative gameplay, and unique space setting make it a standout title in the gaming world. Whether you’re a solo player or seeking an engaging co-op experience, Lethal Company APK is worth exploring.

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