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Persona 5 Tactica Mobile – Android APK and iOS Download

Step into the captivating world of Persona 5 Tactica Mobile , where the Phantom Thieves lead a rebellion of hearts! Gather your favorite heroes and embark on a thrilling journey in this iconic Persona series universe. Uncover the details of this exciting tactical adventure that introduces a brand-new story and gameplay elements.

What’s Inside Persona 5 Tactica APK Edition?

Persona 5 Tactica mobile download

Persona 5 Tactica: Digital Deluxe Edition includes the following elements to enhance your gaming experience:

  • Base game
  • Persona 5 Tactica Mobile Repaint Your Heart Challenge Pack
  • Persona 5 Tactica APK Weapon Pack
  • Persona 5 Tactica Android Picaro Summoning Pack + Raoul Persona

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 Ignite Your Heart – The Rebellion of Emotions Begins!

After a peculiar incident, the Phantom Thieves find themselves in an extraordinary kingdom oppressed by a despotic regime known as the “Legionnaires.” Surrounded by the threat of imminent danger, they are saved by Erina, a revolutionary who offers them a tempting deal in exchange for their help. What motivations drive Erina’s proposition to the Phantom Thieves?

Persona 5 Tactica apk download

Persona 5 Tactica introduces a new storyline with beloved characters returning alongside new allies and adversaries. Join the team leading the revolution of emotions in this gripping and action-packed adventure!

 Revolution of Emotions

Lead the revolution of emotions through a new narrative within the iconic Persona series universe.

 Build Your Dream Team

Assemble a star-studded team of heroes to face dangerous foes in thrilling turn-based battles.

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Dynamic Combat

Topple your enemies using an arsenal of weapons and defeat them in grand style!

Persona 5 Tactica download

 Early Persona 5 Tactica Mobile Purchase Bonuses

Buy now and receive the following digital bonuses:

  • Orpheus Picaro
  • Izanagi Picaro

In the game, summon additional Personas with these bonuses. After Personas is transformed into masks of the Trickster, their two picaro versions will be added to the Persona Compendium.

Persona 5 Tactica Mobile Edition promises an exhilarating gaming experience, combining a captivating storyline with strategic battles in the beloved Persona universe.

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